The Most Iconic Watches in Film History

The Most Iconic Watches in Film History

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In the world of cinema, the costume department's sartorial decisions can often play a pivotal role in shaping a character's identity. Among various elements of the costume, wristwatches, albeit small in size, have often made a significant impact, becoming iconic pieces in film history. This article explores some of the most memorable timepieces that have appeared on the silver screen. 

The Omega Speedmaster in First Man 

The Omega Speedmaster, famously known as the first watch on the Moon, made an anticipated appearance in the 2018 film, First Man, which detailed the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong. Worn by Ryan Gosling, who portrayed Armstrong, this chronographic watch once again found itself in the limelight, heightening the authenticity of the movie. 

Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000 from Aliens 

In the sci-fi universe, Ripley's Seiko Giugiaro 7A28-7000 from the 1986 classic film Aliens staked its claim. Sigourney Weaver, playing the character of Ripley, donned this model designed by Italian car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro. Its futuristic design made it an instant hit amongst the fans dwelling in the realm of science fiction. 

Tag Heuer Monaco: Crown Jewel of Le Mans 

Who could forget Steve McQueen's Tag Heuer Monaco in the film Le Mans? This prized chronograph, with its distinctive square face, has become synonymous with McQueen's daredevil character Michael Delaney. Quite fittingly, the timepiece, with its robust build, has since been referred to as the "McQueen Monaco". 

The Rolex Submariner in Live and Let Die 

The Rolex Submariner timepiece holds a special place in cinematic history through its classic appearance in the James Bond films series. Notably, it achieved iconic status in the 1973 motion picture Live and Let Die. The Superlative Chronometer, classically worn by the charismatic Bond played by Sir Roger Moore, adorns an inventive functionality that befits a stylish superspy - a serrated bezel that works as a circular saw and a hyper-intensified magnetic field.  

The Rolex Submariner worn by James Bond in the film 'Dr. No' sold for $365,000 at an auction in 2011.

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso in The Thomas Crown Affair 

Last but by no means least, we have the elegant Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso. Lauded for its unique ability to swivel the case and reveal a personalised back, this specific watch took centre stage in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. Pierce Brosnan, embodying the wealthy businessman Thomas Crown, notably sported this distinctive timepiece, reinforcing the elegance and sophistication of the character. In fact, the Reverso’s revered status as a symbol of refinement was elevated as it played a key role in tracking Crown's gallivanting manipulations.

Casio CA53W Twincept Databank - Back to the Future 

Marty McFly's watch in 'Back to the Future' (1985), the Casio CA53W Twincept Databank, gained widespread recognition due to its nostalgic value in addition to its advanced (for its time) features. 

Omega Speedmaster - Apollo 13 

'Apollo 13' (1995) appropriately features the Omega Speedmaster, the first watch to land on the moon, highlighting its historical significance and reliability. 

The Casio G-Shock DW-5600E from 'Speed' 

In the adrenaline-fuelled 1994 action film 'Speed', Keanu Reeves portrays a gallant LAPD officer wearing none other than a Casio G-Shock DW-5600E. This rugged, highly durable wristwatch is a true icon of 90s action cinema and holds a special place in the annals of horological film history. 

The Casio G-Shock's accurate quartz movement, combined with its water- and shock-resistant capabilities, make it the perfect fit for a heroic cop needing a reliable timepiece in extreme conditions. Adorned by Keanu Reeves in one of Hollywood's most thrilling action films, the G-Shock DW-5600E is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic watches in film history.

The Hamilton Ventura Watch in 'Blue Hawaii' 

Capturing the luminous charisma of the 'King of Rock 'n' Roll', Blue Hawaii is a memorable film not only for the enigmatic persona of Elvis Presley but also for highlighting one of the most famous wrist accessories in film history. In this 1961 rom-com musical film, Elvis donned the iconic Hamilton Ventura, igniting a long-lasting affinity for this unusual timepiece. 

The Hamilton Ventura bestows a unique angular design, a stark contrast to the conventional round dial designs of the era. Its cutting-edge and eccentric design was a perfect epitome of the audacious spirit of the 1960s, aligning harmoniously with Elvis's own daring and trend-setting aura.

This triangular electric watch, introduced in 1957, was considered a breakthrough in watch technology, being the world's first battery-powered watch. From the set of Blue Hawaii to Elvis Presley's personal collection, the Hamilton Ventura carved its niche as an embodiment of style and innovation in wristwatches. 

Not just a watch but a piece of horological history, the Hamilton Ventura solidifies its place in the annals of time, cinema, and fashion through its distinctive design and notable association with Elvis Presley.


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