What Is The Most Common Watch Strap Size

What Is The Most Common Watch Strap Size

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Watches come in a huge array of sizes and styles that can vary wildly. One thing that's pretty consistent in the world of horology is the sizing of watch straps. While there are some exceptions in how straps attach to watches like the Tissot PRX or Swatch watches for the most part a standard flat piece of leather with a spring bar will fit. The main thing that impacts what straps can suit your watch is the width of the strap. What are the most common strap widths you may ask?

Well, to cut to the chase, 18mm and 20mm reign supreme as the most popular watch strap sizes. 

For men's watches, the average often hovers around the 20mm or 22mm watch strap size category. These sizes retain a balanced, masculine appeal, not too broad to seem bulky, nor too slim to appear frail. 

For ladies, the landscape shifts slightly towards the smaller spectrum. Sizes often sit comfortably at 14mm or 16mm, maintaining a delicate yet pronounced presence on the wrist. After all, there's a certain charm to femininity that lies in subtlety.

What to consider when buying a watch strap

1. Compatibility. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to pairing watch straps with watches. Whether you have a large sports watch or a vintage dress watch the size of your strap can vary a lot.

2. Fit. A timepiece should be tight enough not to slide more than an inch across your arm and loose enough not to leave an imprint.

3. Style. Although choosing a strap is a matter of personal preference, there are a few fundamental and timeless truths; a large wrist is – proportionally speaking – better suited to a wider strap.

Two essential dimensions to consider when calculating watch strap size are: strap width and strap length. 

What you need to know when buying a watch strap

Every watch is fitted with two pairs of lugs that are used to secure the strap to the watch case. 

The fixed distance between the two lugs is referred to as the ‘lug width’, or strap width, and is measured in millimetres (mm). Lug width varies with different watches, but the distance is typically in the region of 18–26mm.

It’s crucial to know your watch’s lug width when shopping for a new strap. It determines how wide the replacement strap should be in order for it to properly fit your wristwatch.

Need help finding the suitable strap for your watch? Check out our watch strap measurement guide.


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