Watch Strap Measurement Guide


Watches come in many different sizes, with the width of the watch strap varying wildly as well. Watch straps are sold in widths to match the watch’s lug width so you need to make sure you have the correct size before ordering.

If you already have a strap for the watch in question, you can check the back to see if it has a size imprint. You may also be able to google your watch and find its lug width online. If not, you will need to measure the lug width of your watch yourself. You can easily measure it yourself in one of the below three ways.

Watch Lug Width

How to find your watch strap size

Use a ruler

You can measure the distance between the lugs with a standard ruler. If measuring in inches, you'll then need to convert to millimetres.

The rule of thumb for a replacement watch band is that it’s better for the watch band to be tight rather then loose. If you need to round your measurement, rounding up is usually your best bet, as a leather watch strap, rubber watch strap or nylon watch band can be slightly flexible to fit.

If measuring in inches you can use the calculator at the bottom of this pop-up to quickly convert to millimetres.

Digital callipers

This is the most accurate method to measure the lug width. To use, insert a set of digital callipers in the space between the lugs and expand to find the exact size.

Similar to the above, rounding up is your best bet for getting a suitable strap.

How to find your watch strap length

Watch band length is measured in inches and come in different standard lengths by brand. The below charts show the ranges of standard lengths across all the bands we sell which will help you find the perfect size for you.

The formula for finding watch band length is: Wrist Size - Watch Head Size = Watch Band Length 

Using your existing watch strap

If you already have a strap that fits your wrist size and watch, you can measure it with a ruler to determine the length. When measuring, only measure the leather or material parts of the strap, do not include the buckle.

Finding the length from scratch

You can find your wrist size by wrapping a tape measure around your wrist. You can also use a piece of string around your wrist, mark where the two ends meet then lay the thread out flat on a ruler and measure the length.

Next, find your watch head size. The average men’s watch head is 1”-1.5”, but you’ll want to make sure you measure your own to get an accurate measurement. Use a ruler or check your watch manufacturer for information.

Minus your watch head measurement from your wrist size measurement. This will give you the rough total watch strap length needed.

Men’s Standard Lengths

  • SHORT: 6.25'' - 6.90''
  • REGULAR: 7.00'' - 7.90''
  • LONG: 8.00'' - 8.70''
  • EXTRA-LONG: 8.75'' - 9.25''

Women’s Standard Length

  • SHORT: 5.75'' - 6.40''
  • REGULAR: 6.50'' - 7.20''
  • LONG: 7.25'' - 8.00''

Inch to Millimeters converter

Type a value in the inches field to convert the value to millimeters:



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