What Is The Most Worn Watch In The World?

What Is The Most Worn Watch In The World?

, by Benjamin Davis, 2 min reading time

The Casio F-91W digital watch has earned the distinction of being the most ubiquitous and widely worn watch in the world. This affordable and durable timepiece has been strapped onto millions of wrists for over 30 years.

Casio F-91W

Introduced by Japanese electronics company Casio in 1989, the F-91W was one of the first widely available and inexpensive digital watches on the consumer market. Built with reliable Japanese quartz movement, the watch sported a digital display and handy functions like an alarm, stopwatch and an LED light integrated into a lightweight and water-resistant black resin case. Retailing for around £20, the F-91W made digital watch technology accessible to the masses.

The F-91W’s global popularity spans groups, organisations and subcultures worldwide. Here are some prominent groups that have embraced this watch:

Students - In the 1980s and 90s, the Casio F-91W gained widespread popularity among high school and university students who were attracted to its cool, futuristic digital look and useful timing features. Its low price point also made it an easy choice for image-conscious students on a budget.

Military and Law Enforcement - The F-91W is appreciated for its ruggedness, accuracy and affordability. It became a standard issue for military pilots and infantry in the US armed forces during the 1990s Gulf War era. Since then, military and police across the world have continued using F-91W models.

Terrorist Groups - The simplicity and ubiquity of the watch enabled terrorist groups like al-Qaeda to use it for bomb timing without raising suspicions in the 90s and early 2000s. After 9/11, the F-91W was famously linked to terrorists.

Pop Culture - The F-91W has been spotted on influential political leaders like Nelson Mandela along with celebrities across music, sports and entertainment, further cementing its iconic status. It continues to be featured in TV, movies and fashion.

Today, over 100 million units of the F-91W have been sold worldwide according to Casio. Even with newer models on the market, the F-91W remains widely available in stores for under $20, thanks to its continued popularity and reputation for reliability and value.

For being the affordable digital wristwatch owned globally by civilians, soldiers, spies, terrorists, celebrities and more, the Casio F-91W has earned its place in history as the world’s most ubiquitous wristwatch. It has transcended its status as a time-telling device to become a pop culture icon.

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