Is A Watch Winder A Necessity?

Is A Watch Winder A Necessity?

, by Benjamin Davis, 3 min reading time

What is the point of a watch winder?

Watch winders are a device that holds an automatic watch and rotates it to keep the watch wound and running even when it's not being worn. This can be useful for people who have multiple automatic watches and want to keep them all running and ready to wear at all times. A watch winder can also be useful for people who wear their automatic watch infrequently or for people who want to ensure their watch is always accurate and ready to wear.

Is a Watch Winder essential?

A watch winder is not essential for everyone, but it can be useful for those who own automatic watches. Automatic watches are designed to be wound by the natural motion of the wearer's wrist, but if the watch is not worn consistently, it may stop running. In this case, a watch winder can keep the watch wound and running when it is not being worn, so that it is always ready to use.

How does a watch winder work?

A watch winder simulates the natural motion of the wrist to keep an automatic watch running when it is not being worn.

Most watch winders have a motor that rotates the watch at a set speed and direction, typically clockwise, counterclockwise, or alternating between the two. The watch is mounted on a cushion or holder that keeps it securely in place and prevents it from getting scratched or damaged.

A watch winder can be set to rotate the watch for a certain amount of time each day, or it may have programmable controls that allow you to set the number of rotations per day, the direction of rotation, and other settings.

How long can I leave a watch on a watch winder? 

It is safe to leave a watch on a watch winder for an extended period of time as long as the winder is set up correctly and the watch is not overwound. It is important to note that overwinding can damage the watch's movement, so it is crucial to ensure that the winder is set to the correct rotation direction and speed for the watch model.

What to look for when buying a watch winder: 

Position of the watch - Ideally your watches should be placed vertically in the winder to ensure the force of gravity is optimised on each rotation.

Program settings – You’ll want a winder that can rotate clockwise, counter-clockwise or bidirectionally so all potential watch needs are met. Also, ensure there are numerous options for turns per day that suit your watch movement type. 

Noise - Watch winders can sometimes be quite noisy so make sure you check reviews out before you buy so you can double check it won’t be annoyingly loud.

Build quality and materials – A well-constructed watch winder made of high-quality materials is essential for the long-lasting performance and protection of your watch. Look for sturdy casings, reliable motors, and cushioned holders that can accommodate various watch sizes without causing scratches or damage.

Power source – Watch winders are available in various power options such as AC, battery, or dual-powered. Choose one based on your preferences, location, and accessibility to power sources.

Storage and security – If you own multiple watches and accessories, consider a winder with additional storage compartments to keep your collection organised and secure.

In summary, although watch winders may not be an essential accessory for everyone, they certainly provide a valuable service. While some may not find them useful, watch aficionados and collectors will likely appreciate their practicality. These devices help keep timepieces operational and ready for use, making them a highly functional addition to any watch enthusiast's arsenal.

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