How to remove a link from a metal watch strap

How to remove a link from a metal watch strap

, by Benjamin Davis, 2 min reading time

Whether you've purchased a new watch, watch strap or your wrist size has changed, adjusting the metal watch strap for a comfortable fit is essential. Removing a link from your watch strap can be easily done at home with the right tools and technique.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of removing a link from various types of metal watch straps.

Measure the watch band:

Before you start, determine how many links you need to remove for a comfortable fit. To measure:

  • Position the watch on your wrist the way you intend to wear it.
  • When satisfied with the position, turn your wrist over so that the watch band clasp side is facing up.
  • Gather the slack in the band and hold the links together to simulate them being removed.
  • Stop gathering the links when the watch band fits your wrist just the way you like.
  • Count the number of loose links to determine how many links to take out.

Gather the necessary tools:

Depending on the type of watch strap, you'll need:

Prepare your work area:

Ensure your work area is clutter-free and have a bowl or container ready to hold any small pieces. This way, small pieces won't get lost.

You’ll want to keep the spare link in case you ever need to increase the size of the strap or if you want to sell the strap further down the line.

Identify the type of link and use the appropriate method:

A. Links with round or flat pins:

Push out the connecting pins with a tack or removal tool. Pay attention to any symbols notifying you which way to push as doing the opposite can make it very difficult to remove the pin.

Remove the links and reinstall the pins to lock them in place.

B. Links with screw slots:

Use a screwdriver to remove pins with screw slots.

Separate the links you want to take out before reinstalling the screw pins.

C. Stretch band links:

Bend the top edge flaps of the bracelet.

Open the bottom edge flaps and remove the links.


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