A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Watch Strap Buckles

A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Watch Strap Buckles

, by Benjamin Davis, 2 min reading time

The watch buckle often goes unnoticed, yet it plays an integral role in both the functionality and aesthetics of a timepiece. This article explores the different types of watch strap buckles that add varying degrees of comfort, convenience, and style to your wristwatch.

1. Traditional Pin Buckle

The pin buckle, also known as the ardillon buckle, is the most common type of watch strap buckle. It's simple, reliable, and easy to use. The buckle comprises a pin, a tang, and a buckle frame. The strap has several holes into which the pin is inserted after the strap is looped through the frame. This design is commonly seen on leather and fabric straps. It's simple, classic, and works well for both formal and casual watches.

Vegan leather watch strap with common buckle

2. Deployant Clasp

The deployant clasp, also known as the deployment clasp or folding clasp, was invented in the early 20th century to prevent a watch from falling off when being put on or taken off. This type of buckle folds onto itself, securing the watch on the wrist. There are several subtypes of deployant clasps, including the single fold, double fold (butterfly), and the hidden clasp. The single fold is the simplest form, while the butterfly clasp has two folding points. The hidden clasp is designed to be invisible when closed, providing a seamless look to the watchband.

Deployment Clasp

3. Push Button Deployant Clasp

A variation of the standard deployant clasp, the push button deployant clasp features buttons on the sides of the clasp that must be pushed to release the clasp. This design provides an extra layer of security, as it prevents the clasp from accidentally opening.

Push button deployment clasp

4. Double Locking Clasp

The double locking clasp is designed for extreme security. It features a flip lock and a push button. To release the clasp, one must first lift the flip lock and then press the button. This type of clasp is often found on diving watches and other sports watches that require extra security to prevent loss during intense activities.

Double locking clasp

5. Hook Clasp

The hook clasp features a hook and an eye into which the hook is inserted to secure the strap. This type of buckle is simple and quick to use, but it doesn’t offer the same level of security as other types of buckles. It's commonly found on more casual or fashion watches.

Hook Clasp



Each type of watch strap buckle offers its unique blend of convenience, security, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a traditional pin buckle, the secure comfort of a deployant clasp, or the rugged durability of a slide buckle, there is a watch strap buckle designed to meet your needs and style.


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